A Journey into our Rolex Boutiques

Ever since 2005 when we opened our first Rolex boutique in Romania, our aim was that of bringing high-quality products closer to customers, in a way that celebrates quality and perpetual values. 

And this goal still drives us and helps us in bringing that valuable and so desired customer satisfaction.

It is with this mission in mind that we have created, together with our sales team, a series of videos dedicated to better inform and introduce our customers into the Rolex journey, from the moment they enter the doors of our Boutiques to that of the magical and unique instance where they find the timepiece of their dreams.



When you choose a Rolex, you make a commitment for a lifetime.

You just enter the Universe of impeccable craftsmanship, prestige, excellence and, probably the most important, of the high-precision watches.  

It is the World where style and functionality combine in a perfect harmony,

 And Chronolink is a part of it.



Chronolink is a company that for more than 15 years now, has been offering their customers unique and special shopping experiences.” – Veronica Ilie, Store Manager

Therefore, whether you are interested in the way a visit in our Boutiques unfolds or in the steps you may take while choosing your timepiece, or maybe on what the Exhibition Collection entails, we hope that these short videos will give you just the right glimpse into the universe of Rolex.

A universe of its own, where we are always ready and proud to be your guides and partners.

We invite to see all video excerpts below or directly on our Social Media Channels: 

The Appointment Policy 

Our Exhibition Collection 

The Rolesor 

The Rolex Datejust 

Chronolink – Official Rolex Retailer



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