Chronolink History

Back in 2004 when we founded our company, we started with a dream – bringing high-quality products closer to the Romanian market, in a way that celebrates quality and perpetual values. 

Our partnership with Rolex has become a mantra by which we hold our standards, as well as an opportunity to learn about the Romanian market and to understand the interests and drives of the most successful Romanians. 

Our business experience in countries like Cyprus, Lebanon and Greece has proven valuable, but has also been a remarkable way to understand how different markets work in different cultural spaces. 

Our commitment is to facilitate luxury experiences to the Romanian audience, and to provide the local market with industry insights and that help overcome the challenges of our customers. 

We believe that there is such a thing as the perfect product for every single person, and it is our belief that together we can find it. 

Personality is the biggest differentiator in a digital, hyperconnected world. A credible image is built on consistency, and we are here to deliver it in the form of luxury experiences that are complementary to our every client’s personality. 


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