My First Rolex – Memories For A Lifetime

When you buy a ROLEX, you begin a journey of a lifetime. 

A special and unique experience that will introduce you into the core of the brands values and that will stay with you. 

Because every ROLEX tells a story. 

Owning a ROLEX is more than owning a watch. 

It is entering a world of elegance, quality and precision. 

 It is being part of something noble, built in more than 100 years. 

You never forget the first time you bought a ROLEX



For more than 15 years now, we have been offering our customers the authentic Rolex experience in Romania.

In all this time, we have been working effortlessly to cater to our clients and to become their partners and enablers in their journey with ROLEX. 

We witnessed the purchase of a Rolex alongside so many wonderful emotions: a love declaration, a graduation present from father to son, a long-awaited appreciation of a mother, a business success after years of hard work or a self-gratifying moment and so many, many others. 

All these special moments have made us so proud to be – as members of the Rolex family – the ones that played their part, as well, in making them happen.  

Starting October this year, we have initiated a special campaign in Romania, one that is so precious to us and one that embodies both the love and appreciation we have for ROLEX, as well as the beautiful relationships we have nurtured over time with our clients. 

Our My First Rolex campaign has thus, gathered amazing and passionate Rolex owners who have agreed to share with us their most heartfelt stories with ROLEX: the first purchase, the emotions and stories behind the feeling of having your first Rolex at your wrist and their endless respect and attachment to the brand and implicitly to us, at Chronolink, as Official Rolex Retailers. 

From the watch that Marius Copil would like his son Arthur to wear as a legacy from one generation to another, to the wonderful Rolex and fine watchmaking insights the amazing Raluca Michailov had for us and on to the emotional stories of a true Rolex collectors journey like that of Talal Almansour, be prepared to immerse yourself in a universe like no other. 



Passionate, refined, dedicated, knowledgeable and above all, filled with love

You will be inspired by Roman Bradus attachment to the Rolex he bought his wife at the beginning of their relationship and his nostalgic remembrance of those moments and you will smile and be mesmerised by the storytelling of the beautiful couple, Adrian Sina and Anca Sina Serea. Each candid and heartfelt story will leave you wanting for more and more to be discovered. 

Therefore, we confess that we were so humbled and honoured by each of their stories and we hope that each and every video you are about to see, will bring you the same joy we had when we heard all these videos filled with emotions. 

Thank you, to each one of you, for your truthful contribution in letting us instil your stories. 

Because, every ROLEX tells a story 

Visit us on our YouTube channel or our Social Media accounts, for My First Rolex”- Memories of A Lifetime

You Tube:

Marius Copil 

Raluca Michailov 

Talal Almansour 

Roman Bradu 

Adrian Sina & Anca Sina Serea



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