Feeling special and unique is a luxury we all deserve. Whether you know exactly the Rolex model you want or you simply need our guidance into the Rolex universe, we are more than happy to offer you that through a tailored experience, dedicated solely to you.

Moreover, the safety of our clients and employees as well, continues to be our top priority.

Thus, we have implemented an appointment only in-store approach for our customers, a policy that showed us how a private Rolex journey can be built.

It is the perfect way for us to make sure we meet the needs of each customer, to make them feel special and to ultimately change a simple visit into an unforgettable experience.

Book your appointment today and we will make sure to welcome you into the Rolex universe.

Bookings for your appointment are available by phone only

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The Appointment Policy

We trust that each customer entering our doors will truly treasure our guidance and creation of the perfect Rolex experience.

“Having a true tailor made private Rolex experience, has enriched the beginning of my journey with the brand and has created a wonderful memory that I will treasure for a lifetime.”

“Chronolink is a company that has extraordinary people – very warm and with a smile on their face, professional attitude and great conversation partners.”

“Chronolink is the place that manages to embody the Rolex spirit to its highest standards”


Your bespoke Rolex experience is ready to begin.

How do I make the appointment?

Scheduling is possible via phone at the contact number assigned to each location, as it is necessary for us to have a previous short conversation with you, regarding your needs and expectations.

What is the length of my appointment?

In order to dedicate ourselves fully to your needs, you have one hour just for yourself in which our team will strive to offer you the most pleasant visit.

How many people can I bring with me?

We can accommodate a number of maximum 3 persons.

How can I reschedule an appointment?

Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment can only be made by phone.

Can I arrive before the settled time and browse through the store?

We advise you to arrive at the exact time of your scheduled visit, as time for cleaning and preparation is required between appointments.


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Please see our Appointment Policy - Your Bespoke Shopping Experience