This Privacy Notice provides you information about how your personal details are used on, and by Chronolink for the purpose of informing and selling you our products and services as well as maintaining, improving and managing our products and services.

In accordance with European Data Protection Legislation (“GDPR”) and local applicable laws, this Privacy Notice provides you information on how Chronolink collects, uses, protects, keeps, shares and deletes your personal data. We also provide you information about how you can contact us to exercise your rights.

Personal data we collect from you on

Purposes why are we using your personal data

We use our personal data to do the following:

Share of your personal data

We may be required to share your data with the following type of entities (as permissible and required by law):

We undertake not to sell/transfer your personal data to other third parties.

Legal basis allowing us to use your personal data

Rolex Section

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As a consumer, you have the following rights to your personal details according to GDPR. However, you should know that we will comply according to the extent that the law requires us to; in some cases, where it is legally required for us to keep your details the way it is, we will decline to comply with your requests. In this case, we will provide you with our reasons.

a) why we have your personal details;

b) what categories of data we have;

c)  what we do with your personal details;

d) who has access to your personal details (and where they are);

e) where your personal details might be transferred to;

f) how long we are keeping your personal details;

g) if you didn’t provide your personal details directly to us, how did we get them;

h) your rights under applicable laws and the possibility to restrict processing; and

i) if we use your personal details for any automated-decision making, and how we do it.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the personal details we have on you, please make a request at the following email address:

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about your privacy rights concerning your personal details, please contact us, or at telephone no.:  + 40 (0) 21-403 4742 or fax no.: + 40 (0) 21-403 4745.


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